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Νεολιθικοί χειρουργοί φαίνεται πως υπήρξαν
201001261658561218770367 26/01/2010

Οι Νεολιθικοί αγρότες της Ευρώπης είχαν πολύ πιο εξελιγμένες ιατρικές γνώσεις από ό,τι πίστευαν μέχρι σήμερα οι ερευνητές...

Indira Ghandi becomes prime-minister
200912030856100446172729 03/12/2009

Nehru's long tenure in office gave continuity and cohesion to India's domestic and foreign policies, but as his health deteriorated, concerns over who might inherit his mantle or what might befall India after he left office frequently surfaced in political circles...

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